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No matter where you're at in life,  

there's a place for you at Lighthouse.

Everyday Compassion

There are many people in our communities that struggle daily to provide food for themselves and their families, especially during the holidays.  We have partnered with local food pantries to provide non-perishable items.  Collections are welcome any time the doors are open and located in front of the sound room.

"Test Drive" a Ministry Today

Tues Night Life

The HUB is a communication spot for workers here at Lighthouse. 

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Compass Sessions are 45-minute, higher education-style classes that stand alone on Sunday mornings.

No matter where you are at in life, you will find a place here at Lighthouse.

Coffee bar is still free.  MORE>

"Test Drive"

Jordan Refugees - Global Partners in Peace & Development

Atheer and Bayda are from Baghdad, Iraq.  Listen to the tragic circumstances that brought them to Jordan and how their faith in God still stands despite their affliction.

Calling all men to a great night of billiards, food, and competition at Club Med (101 S. 38th St. in Hbg.) on Feb 3rd, from 6p - 8p.  Cost is $10 per guy (table time and food).

Take a ministry for a "test drive" for a few weeks to see if it’s what you expected it to be.  If you are interested in checking out a ministry but aren’t sure you want to commit to a year, go for a TEST DRIVE.  See Donna with ?'s: