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Upcoming Events:

No matter where you're at in life,  

there's a place for you at Lighthouse.


There are many benefits to meeting together with other believers.  A new LIFEGroup is forming @ 6pm with the Prue Family.  They will be meeting midweek, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Come and connect wih other followers of Jesus.  Pastor Kevin's LIFEGroup is meeting 4/28 @ 6pm, too.  All are welcome here.  MORE>

Register For Local Summer Camp

Ladies Night, 5/14 @ 6pm

The HUB is a communication spot for workers here at Lighthouse. 

Check it out here>

NIGHTLIGHTS is a fantastic night of learning for ALL ages, here at Lighthouse on May 5th @ 6pm.  Each age group has their own crew leader.

There are also adult groups meeting during this time.  For more info on NIGHTLIGHTS, click HERE>


Take advantage of another great camping experience at Mt. Lou San.

There is a camp experience for all ages (Day Camps, Junior Camp, & Teen Camp).  See Donna with questions.  MORE>

We're glad to bring you Lighthouse's new blog.  Follow us at  or use the button below.

Donate here for our Easter Offering.

100% goes to the Chittoor Orphan Home in India via Global Partners:

Simply Relevant

Ladies, join us the 2nd Thursday night in May for a great time of connecting with each other and God.  All ladies welcome here.  May 14th @ 6pm.